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Chrissy Teigan Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At AMAs

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Model Chrissy Teigen suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the American Music Awards. 

The Daily Mail reports that the 30 year old Tiegen showed off her post-baby body with a skimpy outfit that cut open along the sides, revealing her long, shapely legs.  She also didn’t wear any underwear, as became apparent after the dress flowed to and fro.  

The slits on the dress rose all the way to her torso on each side, and were held together by safety pins.  No word yet on whether those have anything to do with the ongoing trend of wearing safety pins to show solidarity with minorities in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory. 

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According to Cosmopolitan, Tiegen arrived with husband John Legend, who was a performer at the ceremony.  Legend was dapperly dressed in a checked blazer with a blank ink blot print, but it was Tiegen’s wardrobe that turned heads. 

Tiegen’s outfit was designed by Yousef Akbar, and left very little to the imagination.  She even joked on Twitter that she had to ‘shave above the knee’ for the occasion.

Sources: Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan / Photo Credits: The Celebrity Auction, Cosmopolitan

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