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Chris Rock Allegedly Cheated With Kerry Washington

New sources reveal that comedian Chris Rock may have cheated on his wife with actress Kerry Washington.

In a comedy routine, Rock confesses that he was "a piece of s***" to his ex-wife, Malaak Compton-Rock. The Rolling Stone reports that Rock divulged information about his many affairs and specifically described three women: one famous, one semi-famous, and one woman who worked in retail.

A source tells Page Six that the "famous" woman Rock refers to is "Scandal" star Kerry Washington, who worked with the comedian on the 2007 film "I Think I Love My Wife."

"He was cheating on his wife with Kerry when they were filming [‘I Think I Love My Wife’] about him, ironically, having fantasies of cheating on his wife," said the unnamed source. "That went on for a while, for like six months, and she found out. There’s no gray area."

At the time, Washington was engaged to actor David Moscow. According to The Huffington Post, she broke off the engagement to "focus more on herself."

"Turning 30 was a time when I thought, ‘Wait a second. How much of my life really reflects who I am and who I want to be?’ I’ve learned more about myself since leaving that relationship," she said.

After 18 years of marriage, the divorce between Rock and his ex-wife was finalized in 2016, according to The Rolling Stone. Rock has recently returned to standup after years focusing on his movie career. His comedy routine largely focused on his divorce, talking about how much his ex-wife resented him.

"If someone wants 52 percent custody, you know they want to kill you," he said to a largely silent and reportedly uncomfortable audience.

But, a source close to Rock tells Page Six that the comedian most likely didn't have an affair with Washington, or any famous person, for that matter.

"I take it as a joke when he says he cheated with a famous person. He even says he cheated with a member of Destiny’s Child, but not Beyonce," said the source. "He was friends with Kerry around that time. They did the movie together. He was also separated from Malaak around that time. They were off-and-on a lot during their marriage. It was a rocky situation."

Rock is currently dating actress Megalyn Echikunwoke. Washington married former Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, and the couple has two children.

Sources: Page Six, The Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: David Shankbone/Flickr

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