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Chris Matthews' Melania Trump Comments Go Viral (Video)


MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews is catching some flak on social media for comments he made about Melania Trump on national television (video below).

When Republican party front-runner Donald Trump took the stage with his wife Melania to give his victory speech in Indiana on May 3, Matthews was caught making some inappropriate comments about Mrs. Trump, the Daily Mail reported.

Unaware that he was speaking into a hot mic, Matthews said: “Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God is that good. I could watch that runway show.”

Colleague Brian Williams quickly cut to commercials, but not before the damage was done.

The comments sparked some outrage among social media users, with some demanding that MSNBC take Matthews off the air.

“'The way you talk about Trump's wife should get you thrown off the air,” Michael Hayes tweeted. “You're a real slime ball.”

“#ChrisMatthews is a vile pig,” wrote another Twitter user named Eva.

But not all social media users were offended by the comment.

“Can't blame him for admiring her, she will be a great first lady,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“He's essentially complementing her, somehow libs will call that sexist.,” wrote another.

Melania Trump’s spokesman fired back at Matthews.

“Melania Trump is an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur in her own right, achieving tremendous success in a variety of industries, including an illustrious modeling career, as well as being a dedicated wife and mother,” her spokesperson told Variety. “It is unfortunate to see the continuous inaccuracies and misrepresentations made by the media of Mrs Trump as anything less than the independently successful woman that she is.”

This isn’t the first time Matthews has been accused of making sexist comments on air.

In 2011, Matthews said Republican governor Sarah Palin “could not be hotter as a candidate.”

“There’s something about her,” Matthews continued. “It’s primordial. When she walks and moves, there’s something electric about it. Look at, there’s something. Other candidates don’t do this. She’s constantly in motion. She looks, obviously, very attractive. She’s doing something that works,” he added.

In 2008, Matthews told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Hillary Clinton was only in politics because of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

I think the Hillary appeal has always been somewhat about her mix of toughness and sympathy for her. Let’s not forget the reason she is a U.S. senator, the reason she is a candidate for President is because her husband messed around. We keep forgetting it. She didn’t get there on her merits, because everyone felt, "My God, this woman stood up under humiliation." Right? That’s what happened.

Matthews would later apologize, calling his words “nasty.”

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In 2006, Matthews also said Hillary would have difficulty being president because men do not like listening to women.

“We were watching Hillary Clinton earlier tonight,” Matthews said. “She was giving a campaign barn burner speech, which is harder to give for a woman. It can grate on some men when they listen to it, fingernails on a blackboard, perhaps.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Variety / Photo credit: Tea Party 5/YouTube

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