Choir Honors Fallen Soldier By Singing Hymn (Video)


A high school choir sang on a plane to honor a soldier escorting the body of a WWII veteran being transported to the U.S. from Frankfurt, Germany (video below).

An Army private was escorting the body of a WWII veteran on a plane, which was being flown to Houston, when a group of high school students returning from a trip abroad began singing, "Battle Hymn of The Republic," to honor the soldier's service, WTVT reports.

The Iowa Ambassadors of Music choir, which People reports has 250 musicians from across Iowa, was returning from a tour in Europe when they sang the hymn honoring the escort and the fallen soldier.

Diane Cupp, who posted a video of the moment on her Facebook page, said the singing started after the pilot announced that the soldier would be leaving the plane before the other passengers. She added that the tribute was one of the most respectful actions she's seen from a group of high school students.

"It melted my heart," said Cupp, according to ABC. "I was so proud of them for doing that. It was so heartfelt."

The video received a viral response online, quickly racking up more than 115,000 views.

Kennedy Eitmann, a Treynor, Iowa, high school student and a member of Iowa Ambassadors of Music who was on the plane, said the online reaction to the video has been "surreal."

"From then on we just kept looking back at the video and were amazed at how fast it was spreading," said Eitmann. "I definitely didn't think it would reach that many people."

"I just want people to share it and see the patriotism of these young people," said Cupp. "I was blessed because I was on this flight for a reason. That wasn’t supposed to be my flight."

Sources: WTVT, People, ABC News, Diane Cupp/YouTube / Photo Credit: Lucianvenutian/Flickr

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