Children Stitching Patterns Into Their Skin (Photos)


Chinese children are stitching patterns into their skin in a dangerous new game that's making rounds on the internet.

Photos on social media show skin embroidery on children's hands, legs and lips, reports the Daily Mail.

It is believed the game was inspired by a banned Japanese cartoon.

At least one individual so far has been arrested for encouraging the kids to cut their skin and pull colorful thread through the incisions.

News of the game has horrified people worldwide.

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"This is so disturbing on so many levels," wrote one Daily Mail reader, adding: "Why do they feel the need to do this just because someone on the Web has influenced or manipulated them so much? My God that must hurt."

Some blamed social media for encouraging such dangerous pastimes.

"Welcome to the world of sheep called social-media," wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"Kids are becoming ever desperate for a like or share on social media they are losing track of what real life actually is," chimed in a second. "In 10-15 years time these people will be the futures of our world. That worries me a lot. If they live that long I guess?"

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"Monitor and regulate the internet," opined a third. "Introduce internet passports/ID via the ISP provider, EVERY internet user must have their own passport/ID, under 18s will only have access to education and informative websites approved by the government and schools. all UNDER 18s activity will be recorded and monitored. I AM SORRY THIS MUST BE DONE NOW!"

But others disagree that is the solution, pointing out similar games like these existed in previous generations.

"I remember in the 70s, this was done to put boyfriends name on your arm, it's not just this generation that are stupid it was the generations before, kids will be kids one kid does it more are soon to follow!" commented one person on the Daily Mail's Facebook page.

"This isn't new, when I was in high school this one girl sewed a heart into her stomach," added another.

Instead, a few pointed fingers at other sources -- particularly, those in charge of the children doing the sewing.

"I blame the parents," said one. "They are so wrapped up in their own social lives, they're not taking the time to teach their kids how to think for themselves instead of following all these fads. And this is why so many kids get into trouble."

"To everyone blaming the kids; why don't you think how it's the PARENT'S fault?!" added a second. "If these kids were being supervised like it's a parent's duty to do so, then this would never happen!"

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: Astrid Sanders/FlickrPeople's Daily/Sina Weibo via Daily Mail

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