Child Trumpeter's Epic Stage Exit Goes Viral (Video)


A child trumpeter tried to moonwalk after his performance but fell off the stage (video below).

After his solo tune, the boy made a fist pump and showed off his dance skills, notes

However, he did more of a fast shuffle, so fast that he took an unexpected tumble.

No ID on the boy yet, but he is quickly becoming famous: The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 12, garnered over 180,000 views in 10 days.

"Too bad the poor kid doesn’t quite stick the landing after that awesome stage exit," Channel 95.7 commented. "If trumpeting doesn’t pan out for him, he may have a career in dancing or even gymnastics!"

The boy's musical skills didn't impress, which mentioned his "awkward trumpet playing."

Sources: Channel 95.7,, / Photo Credit: Kyoot Kids/YouTube Screenshot

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