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Chihuahua Plays Mother To 2 Kittens

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A Chihuahua in New York has found herself the caretaker of two tiny kittens after they were abandoned recently.

The Chihuahua, Lucy Liu, belongs to Jamie Apfel, an animal vet tech. After Apfel brought the two kittens home to be bottle-fed, she found her dog and the felines getting along very well.

"She does everything a mom cat would do," Apfel told Fox 12. "Needless to say, these kittens are not going to be afraid of dogs."

Caring for the kittens the way a mother cat would, Apfel was surprised to find that Lucy Liu was very adept at the work.

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"I was blown away," she said.

The two kittens were discovered abandoned in the front yard of a South Nyack resident. After being taken to the shelter, Apfel brought them home to be bottle-fed. 

They were just two of over 600 kittens that are brought to the shelter every year during mating season -- March through October.

"The happy ending always is for any of our kittens to find a great home," board member of the Hi Tor Animal Shelter, Nixie Gueits told Fox 12.

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The joys of motherhood will not last long for Lucy Liu, however. The kittens are planned to go back to the shelter within four to six weeks.

"I don't know how well she's going to do when they leave her," Apfel told reporters at Fox 12. "She's very, very attached to them."

Source: Fox 12 / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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