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Chicago TV Weatherman Pranked By Howard Stern Fan (Video)

NBC Chicago weatherman Grant Miller took a phone call during a live broadcast on Monday from a man who identified himself as "Ryan."

Ryan was supposedly riding in a tractor truck near a tornado that Miller was reporting on, noted (video below).

However, in reality, the caller was a Howard Stern fan making a prank call.

Miller asked Ryan, "Is it raining heavily around you now?"

Ryan replied, "Yeah, the wind is blowing really heavily like it's a blast from Howard Stern's a--hole."

"Had to have one of those didn't you?" Miller stated.

According to Gawker, NBC Chicago anchors Allison Rosati and Rob Stafford apparently didn't hear all of the call and expressed concern about Ryan:

We’re concern—I’m concerned about Ryan back in his truck. Uh, right now, Ryan? Are you near a building that you can get into? He, he, he lost the phone, okay.

Ryan said he’s in the back of his truck.

Sources: FTVLive.comGawker
Image Credit: NBC Chicago Screenshot


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