Chicago TV Reporter Hit By Wave During Live Broadcast (Video)

WFLD/Fox 32 news reporter Jake Hamilton was reporting on the bad weather in Chicago when he became part of the story on Dec. 28 (video below).

Local TV stations often send reporters out to cover horrible weather, and FTVLive notes that Hamilton "drew the short straw" for this story.

One of station's anchors jokingly asked Hamilton how he would describe what he was going through, and the reporter replied: "Sucky. Sucky is the word I would use."

The anchors laughed, before another warned, "Jake, watch your back, buddy -- watch out!" right before a wave plowed into Hamilton, who was standing next to Lake Michigan.

The fun didn't end on the live broadcast, as the station posted the video on its Facebook page with the caption: "LOOK OUT! Oh, the joys of LIVE television. Check out Jake Hamilton Fox 32 Chicago get nailed by a giant wave on Good Day Chicago."

Sources: FTVLive, Fox 32 Chicago/Facebook / Photo credit: YouTube

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