Chicago Radio Host Suspended After Tweeting About Female TV Meteorologist

Dan Bernstein, a sports radio host at WSCR in Chicago, was reportedly suspended on June 17 for tweeting about Cheryl Scott, a meteorologist at WLS-TV, on June 15.

According to FTVLive.com, Bernstein tweeted after the Chicago Blackhawks won the NHL championship: "And the real award for this year’s close connection to the @NHLBlackhawks is @CherylScottWX!!”

Bernstein was allegedly referring to gossipy rumors that Scott had been involved with some of the Blackhawks players, which Scott has denied.

Chicago blogger Robert Feder reported that WSCR received phone calls from WLS-TV executives and Scott's representatives about the tweet on June 16.

Bernstein was told to remove the tweet and was suspended for one day.

Bernstein and another radio personality, Matt Spiegel, reportedly tweeted offensive remarks about Aiyana Cristal, a Chicago TV reporter, in March.

Bernstein and Spiegel apologized for that incident.

Sources: FTVLive.com, Robert Feder
Image Credit: Twitter Logo


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