Chicago Police Searching For Man Who Shared Video Of Toddler Smoking Marijuana (Video)


Police in Chicago are investigating a case of child endangerment after a video of a toddler appearing to smoke marijuana surfaced online (video below).

During the video, an adult can be heard encouraging the child as he smokes while sitting in a chair in his diaper.

The video was discovered on Facebook by community activist Andrew Holmes, who then tipped off the police.

“Well it’s still stupidity but at the same time I want to rush to find out who these individuals are, get them some help because they need to be incarcerated and counseled but I want to mainly make sure we get emergency response to find out who this child is,” Holmes told Fox 32.

Investigators from the Special Victims Unit at Area South Headquarters are pursuing the adult in the video. If caught, the adult could face child endangerment charges and the Department of Children and Family Services will be notified. 

Police told Fox 32 they are fairly confident they know who the adult is.

Sources: Fox 32YouTube / Photo credit: Fox 32

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