Chelsea Handler Will Leave U.S. If Trump Wins (Video)


Comedian and writer Chelsea Handler said she'd move to Spain if presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump were to win the presidency (video below).

And she's not bluffing – she already bought the house.

Handler, known for her candid New York Times bestseller books about sex and drinking and her 7-year stint as the only female late night talk show host at the time, told Live with Kelly and Michael that she is serious about emigrating from the U.S. if Trump wins the November general election.

“I did buy a house in another country just in case, so all of these people that threaten to leave the country and then don't, I will leave the country," Handler told the morning talk show hosts, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although she threatens to flee the country if Trump is elected, Handler almost had something good to say about the brash billionaire regarding a time she met him previously.

“He came up to me at a restaurant in Los Angeles," she said. "And he's very tall and I like tall men and I remember going, 'You're not nearly as disgusting as I thought you were.' I almost was charmed. Almost. So he's dangerous."

Although Trump has beat out every Republican presidential candidate and will be the nominee barring unforeseen circumstances, Handler said she still has a hard time believing Trump is serious.

"I don't think he was really ready to take the job," she said. "He just loves attention and he loves to talk about himself. Now I think he's thinking 'oh, whoa, we better get this under control.' I mean he can't possibly be really trying to be elected to become president. That doesn't make any sense."

Handler is far from the only celebrity who said they would move if Trump is elected. Other stars include Elizabeth Moss, who told Vanity Fair she might move to Italy. Gabrielle Union said she'd make her way to the Bahamas.

Spike Lee joked that the Republic of Brooklyn is still safe, according to Vanity Fair.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair / Photo credit: Asa Mathat/Fortune MPW via Flickr

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