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Chelsea Handler Mocks Trumps, Sparks Controversy (Video)

A photo comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted on Jan. 23, in which she attempted to mock President Donald Trump's marriage to Melania, has sparked controversy.

In the photo, the two are captured wearing somber expressions, with Handler tweeting "Donald and Melania seem really happy. #AlternativeFacts"

She was not the only one to point out their unsmiling expressions.

"And the Oscar for Best Actress in a 'Supporting Role', goes to...#OscarNoms #FreeMelania," joked another Twitter user.

"When the divorced couple has to sit next to each other at their daughter's wedding reception. #freeMelania," chimed in another.

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Some took offense to the post after it was revealed the Trumps were attending the formal inauguration luncheon.

What's more, a video clip (below) reveals the picture was taken was the exact moment the invocation prayer was being said.

"What Handler's tweet doesn't highlight is the seriousness that accompanies the role of the sitting President and First Lady," wrote Kathleen Gaeta in an onion piece for the Independent Journal Review. "And that same severity means that while being inappropriately hash-tagged on Twitter, Melania is busy learning the inner workings of the greatest country in the world, alongside her husband."

The controversy is just one of many taking place about whether or not it is is acceptable to mock the president's family life.

While criticizing a third marriage is up for debate, many -- ranging from Trump supporters to liberals like former first daughter Chelsea Clinton -- agree it's off-limits to criticize Trump's wife or minor children. 

"If you march for women, you march for all women," wrote Violet Hudson in an opinion article for The Spectator. "Not just those whose husbands you agree with."

"Melania is on record as saying she doesn’t always agree with her husband, and that she wishes he would stop tweeting," continued Hudson. "His policies are not her fault, or her responsibility. Hold the man to task: don’t take the low option of disparaging his wife. That’s not feminist. That’s not even humane. Michelle Obama has been overtly welcoming to Melania. A fitting tribute to the former first First Lady would be to follow her lead."

Sources: Independent Journal ReviewEntertainment News Gaming/YouTube, The Spectator / Photo credit: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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