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Chelsea Handler's 'Vulgar' Tweet About Melania Trump

Chelsea Handler's 'Vulgar' Tweet About Melania Trump Promo Image

Comedian Chelsea Handler sparked outrage for a joke she made about first lady Melania Trump on social media.

"Melania to host a discussion on opioid abuse," tweeted Handler on Sept. 29. "She says unless you have to have sex with Donald Trump, you have no excuse to be on drugs."

Many fans were far from amused and quickly responded as such.

"Chelsea, give it up already!" tweeted one. "You're so obsessed w/Trump & his family that you look ridiculous to everyone now. Wth is wrong with you anyway?"

"Ignorant comments for shock value... gotta change your approach and try to write a joke sometime..." said another.

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"There's nothing funny about this," agreed a third. "Your lack of talent is on full display."

"Opiods are killing people and decimating towns in record numbers," commented another Twitter user. "Not funny".

It's just one of the many times Handler has sparked controversy for making fun of the first lady.

In July 2017, Handler joked about Melania and again upset many.

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"People think the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English to avoid talking to Trump," the comedian tweeted. "It’s called #pullingamelania."

It's the second time Handler attacked the first lady over her accent, reports The Daily Caller.

Asked by Variety five months earlier if she would ever invite Melania on her show, Handler said she would not.

"To talk about what? She can barely speak English," she explained.

But Handler doesn't only criticize Melania, she has also faced backlash for making fun of other members of President Donald Trump's family.

Earlier in March, Handler outraged many after tweeting about Eric and Lara Trump's announcement that they are expecting their first child. Eric is the president's second son.

"I guess one of [Donald Trump's] sons is expecting a new baby," she wrote. "Just what we need. Another person with those jeans [sic]. Let's hope for a girl."

The post received widespread criticism, attracting a diatribe from the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who called it a "sick tweet targeted at our family."

"The liberal elite's real hatred is hopefully starting to be apparent to mainstream America. (both right and left)," he wrote on Facebook, while also mocking Handler for misspelling "genes" in her original tweet. "Their whole 'party of tolerance' nonsense only applies if you fully buy into their dogma, and when you don't their true colors shine. Attacking the announcement of someone's first pregnancy would seem below the belt to most, but sadly that's no longer the case."

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