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Chelsea Handler Poses With Nordstrom Bags (Photo)

Comedian Chelsea Handler sparked controversy after posing in front of the White House holding Nordstrom bags after the luxury department store recently stopped selling Ivanka Trump's products.

Although Nordstrom insists it dropped the label because it wasn't selling well, some took it as a political gesture, Yahoo News reports.

President Donald Trump expressed his outrage on Twitter, while his counselor Kellyanne Conway may have violated federal law by encouraging others to buy Ivanka's items during a TV broadcast, BBC reports.

From politicians to the general public, their responses upset many -- including, it appears, Handler, who went straight to a Nordstrom store to go shopping, Yahoo Style reports.

“A Jew and a Gay went to pick a Muslim up from the airport, headed straight to Nordstrom, and then headed over to @whitehouse to give our thanks!” Handler wrote on Feb. 9 under the Instagram photo, where she is seen posing with Quinn Murphy, her makeup artist, and her driver, Omar. 

The picture drew mixed responses.

Some praised Handler, even commenting that the world "needs more of this."

"Nordstrom sales must be thru the ROOF!!!" wrote one Instagram user. "Love it!!!"

Others called Handler a "bully" who is encouraging "intolerance." Many even thought her gesture was hypocritical.

"Here we have a hard working woman, Ivanka, Like thousands of other hard working women, who wake up early and work their butts off to succeed, being penalized for who her father is," wrote one person under Handler's Facebook post. "Her business line is completely separate from 'Trump Presidency'. It was started and running way before this.... Also, how about the hundreds of employees this is going to affect? Hundreds of good people losing jobs?"

“So much for empowering women huh, celebrating Ivanka being dropped… all these celebs are a dime a dozen, pathetic,” added another person on social media. “So this is your way of respecting women? Your entire career is based on making fun of others and fowl language. Just saying.”

Yet while many accused Handler of bullying and sexism, others rushed to her defense.

"Bullying is wrong," wrote one man on Handler's Facebook page. "Correct. Standing up for those who are being politically bullied because of their ethnicity, gender, religion and/or sexual orientation is not equivalent to bullying. Come correct next time."

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