One of the many questions for the Democratic presidential nominee is: if she were to win the election, what would we call her husband, former President Bill Clinton? 

"Part of what we'll have to figure out is what do you call the male spouse of a female president? Now it's a little bit more complicated with him because people still call former presidents Mr. President," said Hillary Clinton on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." "So I have to really work on this ... but first dude, first mate, first gentleman, I'm just not sure."

If she were to become the first female president, then the administration would be tasked with setting the precedent. The Clintons' daughter, Chelsea, has said her father has given the new title a lot of thought.

When asked by NBC's "Today Show" what her father wants to be called if Hillary were to take office, The Hill reports that Chelsea responded saying that Bill would like "to hearken back to his kind of Irish roots" and would "love to be called ‘first laddy.’" 

"That’s probably not gonna catch on," host Matt Lauer replied.

Chelsea agreed, saying that she's "definitely voting for [calling Bill] ‘First Gentleman.’"

Hillary is the first woman to ever secure the presidential nomination of a major political party. She hopes that by becoming president, she can smash the metaphorical "glass ceiling" that acts as a barrier for women to advance in any given profession. 

When declared the presumptive presidential nominee, Clinton implied her status as nominee has put huge cracks in that glass ceiling, but there is still a long way for America to go before there is true equality. 

"Yes, there are still ceilings to break -- for women and men, for all of us," she said during a rally in Brooklyn, reports Time. "But don’t let anyone tell you that great things can’t happen in America. Barriers can come down. Justice and equality can win. Our history has moved in that direction -- slowly at times, but unmistakably -- thanks to generations of Americans who refused to give up or back down."

Sources: NPR, The Hill, Time / Photo credit: Flickr

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