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Boyfriend Busts Cheating Woman During Fake Proposal (Videos)

A man who found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man decided to get revenge on her by surprising her with a fake proposal at work. The woman had no idea whatsoever that her other boyfriend was about to walk into the room (videos below).

A lot of people who find out that their partner is cheating on them are furious -- not only at their significant other, but at the other person involved as well. Sometimes the two will even fight over who gets to be with the man or woman who cheated on them. Not these two men. 

When they found out that their girlfriend was duping them both, they decided to team up to get revenge.

In the videos, a man wearing a white polo shirt walks into the woman's workplace of Taco Mac, a sports bar and restaurant chain with locations in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

She smiles as he talks to her from the other side of the host station, and he hugs her before dropping to one knee.

The woman smiles and covers her mouth, visibly emotional, while people around them cheer.

But the person filming the proposal on his phone knows that something more than meets the eye is going on and tells someone to keep an eye out for something exciting "when he grabs her hand."

The man in the white shirt does indeed grab her hand, and he stalls for a moment, looking around and for the cue and talking to her. That's when a second man, who is wearing a black shirt, walks through the door, undoubtedly giving her quite the surprise.

"You had two good men!" one of them says as she stares at them. "Two good f***ing men! You f***ed it up!"

The woman holds up her hands in exasperation and walks out the door, telling the men that they can't just come to her work the way they did.

"You see how you played me?" one of the now ex-boyfriends says to her as she walks out.

Once she leaves, the two men discuss what she did to them. One of them even says that he bought her a car in November.

"[She had] two good men, man," the newly-single man in the white shirt tells someone who is filming. "She played us. Dated us at the same time."

Here's another view of the prank:

Sources: YouTube (2), Taco Mac / Photo Credit: Engagement Ring Registry/Instagram

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