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Cheater's Vandalized Truck Goes Viral (Photos)

Photos of a vandalized truck with Texas license plates have gone viral. 

The truck, which appears to have construction equipment and a water cooler in the back, was covered in graffiti, which read “My side chick is pregnant, please don’t tell my wife and son” and “I use cocaine.” The truck’s windshield and windows were also smashed in.

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The photos were uploaded by Imgur user Jennyy55, along with the caption “a guy near my hometown got caught with a side chick.”

The user’s claim was apparently verified by user “IhatemyJobKidnapme,” who commented: “I live in Lumberton. Saw this last week! My grandpa used to say, ‘Port Arthur is a sad sad place.’”

Opposing Views was unable to verify that the truck is in Port Arthur, a town in east Texas near the Louisiana border.

Sources: City Data, Imgur, Texas Gun Talk / Photo credit: Imgur

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