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CCTV Camera Shows Lost Dog Waiting For Owner On Side Of Road For 13 Days (Video)

Surveillance footage shows a dog waiting for its owner on the side of the road near a toll plaza in Zhejiang Province, China for 13 days.

In the video, the dog waits on the side of the road every day for 13 days, thinking each car that passes by is its owner. Each time the dog realizes it’s not its owner, it heartbreakingly curls up on next to the road and continues to wait.

Reports say the dog jumped out of its owner’s car at the toll booth almost two weeks before a police officer rescued it. The officer reportedly took it home and posted to Chinese social media to try to find the owner.

So far, the officer hasn’t had luck finding the owner and is still actively searching.

Check out the footage of the dog below.

Source: Daily Mirror


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