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Cat Rescued From 'Tomb' After Being Trapped For 5 Years (Photos)

A cat was finally rescued after five years of being stuck behind a wall in Cairo, Egypt.

According to reports, the cat was saved from his “tomb” after spending five years behind the wall. The animal reportedly got stuck between a fire extinguisher and the surface of the wall after being bullied by another cat, and over the course of five years, it hasn’t been able to find its way out.

Although the cat spent a half a decade behind the wall with nowhere to go, a kind man named Uncle Adbo, who named the cat Biso, came by and fed him consistently. Uncle Adbo reportedly came by every day to feed the cat and give him water, and it’s safe to say that without that help, Biso would likely have died.

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Recently, a photographer captured a picture of Biso’s tail behind the wall, and quickly, that image gained traction on the Facebook page Help And Rescue Homeless Animals.

After seeing the image on that Facebook group, animal advocates reportedly pushed local authorities to rescue the cat, and finally, on Mar. 13, an operation to save Biso was underway.

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“When we removed the wall, a heinous smell emerged from the dark hole, which was 15-centimeter wide and four-meter long. It was like a tomb,” animal rights activist Mounira Shehata told The Cairo Post. “There were black worms along four meters of the edge, where Uncle Abdo was able to put in food for Biso.”

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After five hours, the cat was finally freed from the wall, and it immediately fled from the rescuers. Now, Uncle Adbo is reportedly searching for him.

Sources: The Cairo Post, Examiner / Photo Source: The Cairo Post


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