Cat Emerges From Wing Of Plane During Flight (Video)


A pilot and his passenger were more than a little amused when they discovered a cat was hanging on the wing of a plane during the flight.

In a video of the event (below), the cat can be seen holding on for its life to the top of an ultralight plane. During the flight, it pokes its head into the cockpit, reports Metro.

Despite leaving the ground, the cat appears generally calm about being lifted hundreds of feet above Kourou, French Guinea.

According to Romain Jantot, the pilot, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the animal. Janton’s passenger caught on to the cat later, but was equally stunned to see it flying alongside them, reports Mirror.

Janton landed the plane and luckily delivered the cat unharmed. Jantot joked that the cat would become the flying club’s new mascot.

“FYI, the cat’s fine, it continued its application for the flying club mascot role,” Jantot noted.

Since uploading footage of the flight to YouTube, the video has accumulated more than 2.6 million views.

Sources: Metro, Mirror

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Mirror


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