Cashier Calls Police after Seeing What Was Written On Back Of $20 Used By Trump Supporter

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When a young Trump supporter went out for a bite to eat with friends in Texas, he quickly came up against resistance for his political beliefs. The incident happened when the man by the name of David Hill handed the cashier a $20 bill defaced with permanent marker and was denied the chance to use the money because it had a pro-Trump statement on it.

David wrote about his experience at the Texas restaurant and shared it with the world on Facebook.


“I went with several friends to a restaurant in Texas and after the meal went to pay. Unknowingly, the $20 bill I had in my wallet had ‘Trump Lives Here’ written in permanent marker on The White House. The cashier looks at it and says I can’t take this money. It’s invalid because it’s been defaced.”

David was surprised that the cashier was throwing such a fuss. But because David figured the cashier was probably holding opposing political beliefs, he wanted to see if the guy was joking. When the cashier told him that he most certainly was not joking, David started to get very angry.

“I’m like you gotta be sh*tting me? The kid holds his ground and says you have to give me some other form of payment like a credit card or something. I said I can’t this is all I got, and he tells me then you need to go to an ATM and get valid currency.”

David had no money. He had no access to money. All he had was this $20 bill with “Trump Lives Here” written across it, and he was using his last of his money to pay for lunch with friends.

I went with ‘nope, the money works you can take it.’ Kid goes ‘but I’m not going to.’”

Because David did not have his way, he decided to call in the big guns, the police.

“So I called the cops,” David wrote. He figured that this lunch argument warranted a call to 911.

When the police arrived, they tried to settle the dispute quickly. They urged the cashier to accept the money and settle the bill.

“Nope, I’m not taking it,” the cashier said. With an armed officer in his face, he still stood by his beliefs.

Then the cashier revealed that this wasn’t really about defaced currency but a personal vendetta.

“Because anything with Trump’s name on it disgusts me, he’s not my President.”

The cop then laid out the terms of the deal.

“Take the money and give the gentleman his proper change or his lunch is free today because he’s trying to pay you for the meal.”

The cashier decided to stick by his principles rather than accept the money with Trump’s name on it. He let David go without having to pay for his lunch.

David was shocked. He had gotten a free lunch after all, just because he had money with Trump’s name on it.

What is your reaction to this story? Should the cashier have accepted the money?

Sources: Facebook/Cold Dead Hands / Photo Credit: Post Image

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