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'Caramel Apples Matter': Candy Store's New Slogan Sparks Outrage On Social Media

A popular candy store in Minnesota took some heat on social media after posting a sign some people found offensive towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, located near Jordan, Minnesota, posted a sign that read “Join The Movement” with the hashtag “Caramel Apples Matter” below it, CBS Minnesota reported.

The candy store posted a picture of their new slogan on Facebook. Several social media users commented on the post and accused them of being racist and distasteful.

“I love candy and caramel apples, but the co-optation of #blacklivesmatter to promote your store and to sell them is problematic and racist as hell,” wrote one user.

“The candy tastes like racism. Take down the sign and apologize,” wrote another.

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The negative feedback was so overwhelming that the owner of the store removed the sign and issued an apology.

“If any offense was taken, and clearly there was, you know, we want to get beyond that and we apologize for it,” owner Robert Wagner said. “I could stand here and make all kinds of excuses, but at the end of the day it was a mistake.”

The sign was up for about 40 hours before being taken down. The Facebook post has also been deleted.

Sources: CBS Minnesota, Vice / Photo Credit: WDAY 6


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