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Canadian Bus Driver Helps Lost Husky Reunite With Her Owner (Photo)

A 2-year-old husky was rescued by a kindhearted bus driver after escaping over the fence in her owner's backyard in Halifax, Canada, on March 31.

When the husky, named Keiko, was roaming the busy streets of Dartmouth, a passerby grabbed the dog so she wouldn't run into oncoming traffic, and called animal services.

That's when Halifax Transit No. 10 bus driver Gerry O'Donnell, saw Keiko with the good Samaritan and knew animal control would not come soon enough to help the lost dog, The Chronicle Herald reports.

"The passenger told me that the dog almost got hit by two cars and of course my heart sank," O'Donnell told the newspaper. "Huskies are runners and I knew she had probably made it out of her yard."

The passenger had to get to her destination so O'Donnell, who is a dog lover and rescuer, decided to break the "service dogs only" protocol and told the woman to get on the bus with the husky.

At the end of the ride, the bus driver took a photograph of Keiko, which was shared with the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network. Fortunately, Keiko's owner, Paige Price, saw the photo on the network’s Facebook page and they were reunited.

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The relieved owner says that like most huskies, Keiko is energetic and mischievous. It turns out, her husky used a snow bank to get over the fence before going on an adventure.

O'Donnell was happy to help but says she’s still waiting for Keiko to pay $2.50 for the bus ride.

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Photo Credit: Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network/Facebook


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