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Campaign Urges Bad Reviews For 'Racist' Halloween Costumes, 'Pocahottie'

The activist campaign "1 Star For Hate" is urging people to give one star ratings and bad reviews to Halloween costumes that it deems "racist" and engage in "cultural appropriation."

The group's webpage, which was set up at, states, "Halloween costumes like 'Pocahottie' perpetuate cultural stereotypes ... Tell people why costumes like 'American Brave' are cultural appropriation -- in other words, why they exploit elements of a culture and why that's not cool. That way, maybe people will wear something that isn’t offensive on Halloween."

According to the Daily Mirror, the activist group also has a pre-written a bad review for people to post: "I thought wearing this costume would boil an entire culture down to a racist stereotype."

"And I was right: Turns out, I was representing the culture in a super inaccurate and unflattering way! We want this costume taken down!"

People who sign up for the online campaign are sent "a list of racist costumes" to slam with the review and are placed in the running to win a $3,000 scholarship.

The Daily Mirror notes that the campaign claims an earlier victory over the "Call Me Caitlyn' (Jenner) costume," which the campaign reportedly said used a "masculine-presenting model, which is offensive and perpetuates stereotypes about trans people, the incorrect idea that trans people are 'pretending to be' another gender.'"

Sources: Daily Mirror, 1 Star For Hate via / Photo Credit: Product Image/Twitter Screenshot


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