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'Call Me': Woman Leaves Personal Message On Man's Car (Photos)

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A Redditor recently shared a photo of a personal message left on someone’s car.

“Saw this outside of my apartment complex this morning,” Redditor jmchatton captioned the photo. The picture shows a car parked in a lot with a message on its windshield written in red. 

“I’m pregnant,” the message reads. “Call me.”

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The photo, whose origin is unknown, quickly went viral. Viewers on Reddit soon began to speculate the situation that led to the life-changing message. 

“Maybe it was a one night stand and he drove her to his place (from the bar) and she only knew what the car looked like and where the apartment was,” one Redditor wrote. 

Others offered advice to the parents-to-be. 

“I feel like if you are leaving notes on cars the communication might need some work before the baby is born,” another Redditor quipped. 

Do you think the woman’s approach to revealing her pregnancy was appropriate? 

Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Imgur


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