California Town Has 1.5 Million Dead People, 1700 Live Ones (Video)


Colma, California, has 1.5 million dead people and 1,700 living ones (video below).

The small town isn't ashamed of its unusual population. Pat Hatfield, the town's retired historian, recently told Great Big Story that most of the "residents" live "underground."

"We have now 17 cemeteries," Hatfield added. "I call us the United Nations of cemeteries because we have a cemetery for everyone."

Hatfield listed off the different cemeteries by religion, and noted their pet cemetery.

Some of the more famous graves include Wyatt Earp, Joe DiMaggio, and William Randolph Hearst.

Hatfield recalled that San Francisco shipped over hundreds of thousands of bodies that died during the California Gold Rush around 1914, noted

The locals refer to their cemeteries as "parks" because they picnic and walk among the graves.

"Our children play in them," Hatfield said.

Sources: Great Big Story via YouTube, / Photo credit: Great Big Story via YouTube Screenshot

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