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California Police Officer Learns Why A Homeless Woman Is Acting Strangely, Goes Above And Beyond (Video)

A California police officer responding to a suspicious person report went above and beyond the call of duty when he learned the woman's story. He has received widespread praise for his actions, thanks to a viral Facebook post that chronicled his good deed.

On Nov. 8, Officer Bruce Pierson of Temecula, California, went to a mall parking lot to investigate a homeless woman who appeared to be searching between parked vehicles and ducking out of view, Fox 5 reports.

When Pierson approached the woman, he quickly learned the reason for her unusual behavior: she was looking for shade to shelter her bare feet.

“She raised her foot, and her feet were blacker than my boots and callused, and she said, ‘I haven’t had shoes in two months,'” Pierson told Fox 5.

Franki, the 18-year-old homeless woman, explained that she had been living on the streets since she was 12 years old. She and her boyfriend have two dogs and have been trying to find their way, but life has not been kind to them. To make matters worse, Franki suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.

Pierson took Franki to the Payless ShoeSource inside the mall and offered to buy her any pair of shoes she wanted.

While she was browsing, two shoppers approached Pierson and offered to help. The three of them bought her two pairs of shoes, socks, a scarf and a warm beanie.

After Pierson told his wife about Franki, she showed up with two large bags of dog food, some sweaters and a blanket. Pierson also referred Franki to Project Touch, an organization that helps the homeless.

Neither Franki nor Pierson could keep from crying at the community's gratitude.

Joshuah Rounds, one of the good Samaritans who helped buy Franki shoes, posted a photo on Facebook along with a story of the good deed. It currently has more than 235,000 shares.

"So thankful we could help her and so glad the police officer on duty took time out of his day to go in the mall with her and buy her things we take such granted for," Rounds wrote in his post. "So thankful our city is filled with helpful police officers...This just proves that all cops aren't bad."

Sources: Fox 5, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook

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