Caitlyn Jenner Takes The Lead In Live Interview (Video)


On the move from interview to interview to promote her new book, Caitlyn Jenner made an awkward appearance at "Live with Kelly" (video below).

Jenner appeared on Kelly Ripa's talk show on April 25, so elated to share the news regarding her book release that she hardly gave the hosts a chance to chime in. Throughout the show, Jenner is seen cutting off Ripa and guest co-host, John Leguizamo, the New York Post reported.

Jenner, known as Bruce Jenner prior to her public transition in 2015, entered the live-aired video in a form-fitted nude-colored dress and pointed brown heels, showing off legs that had taken her to decathlon Olympic gold. She hugged and high-fived audience members as she headed toward Ripa and Leguizamo. Towering at least a foot over Ripa (who was wearing bright red, extra tall heels), and a head taller than Leguizamo, Jenner explained why her entrance was so important.

"Yes, I want to win the best entrance contest at the end of the year," Jenner said as she sat down with the hosts.

As the hosts began talking about Jenner's lengthy legs, the star quickly chimed in with a shameless plug for her memoir, "The Secrets of My Life," co-written by Buzz Bissinger.

"I've been waiting for this day for my entire life. Why? Because as of today, my book comes out and I don’t have a secret left in my life," she admitted.

The book has negative reviews from Jenner's family -- specifically his ex-wife, Kris, mother and manager of the Kardashian siblings, The Washington Post reported

In a recent episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians," Kris openly criticizes the book and claims it's full of lies.

Jenner seems unfazed and has appeared on a number of talk shows publicizing the book.

Throughout this 16-minute interview, Jenner managed to answer every question.

Five minutes into the conversation, Ripa repeatedly tries to chime in, but Jenner and Ripa never picked up on a mutual flow of conversation.

Instead, Jenner continued to speak and even allotted Leguizamo a short time to speak about his brief dose in drag in the 1995 comedy, “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.”

The two laughed that they both were beautiful women.

But that was about it for Leguizamo's moment of light in the episode.

Ripa and Leguizamo couldn't seem to find a way to naturally shimmy back into their assigned roles as hosts.

Then, Jenner truly took the lead, trying to bring the audience closer to understanding her experiences, and asked Ripa a question: "When did you know you were a girl?" 

Ripa, who is usually the one asking questions, handled her moment in the hot seat well.

She explained how she had never had to think about her identity in that sort of way, but that she had thought about how she would feel if her father strapped her in football gear and pushed her onto the field, forcing her to be someone she wasn't.

Jenner's lengthy responses and tangents covered everything from the most recent murder of a transgender woman in the United States to her transition attempt in the 1980s and her childhood struggle with gender. Each seemed to be a short peek into what the chapters in her book might cover. 

Sources: New York Post, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Disney/ABC Television Group/Flickr

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