Caitlyn Jenner Learns About Gender-Free Orgasms (Video)


Caitlyn Jenner and her transgender girlfriends learned how to have a "gender-free orgasm" in an extended scene from the E! reality TV series "I Am Cait" that was released online on April 10 (video below).

The instructor, Barbara, told Jenner and the others: "Welcome to how to have a gender-free orgasm. It could also be called a 'breath and energy orgasm' or 'thinking off.' The way people look at sex and orgasm, it’s very genitally focused. It’s like, 'What kind of junk do you have?' Well, today, gender-free orgasm is going to mean orgasm without genitals," notes GossipCop.

Jenner's assistant asked the group, "I have one quick question. Is anybody nervous about having an orgasm in a roomful of people?"

"We're learning, we're not doing, right?" Jenner's best friend,Candis Cayne, asked.

"Oh, we're doing," Barbara insisted. "Really, I assure you it's not that scary. It's not even that weird. Even though it sounds really weird at this moment."

Barbara then told the trans women to imagine an orgy in their minds, which had to be four people or more "doing some really hot stuff."

With some coaxing, everyone in the room let out -- possibly mock -- verbal orgasms.

"This group never sounded better," Jenner remarked.

"Barbara’s orgasm workshop was probably, other than Caitlyn’s politics, the hardest thing that we’ve had to deal with this entire trip," Cayne said in an individual interview. "It was just an awkward situation."

The group had to lay down on the floor and do the same thing again, except while moving their pelvic areas.

"What the hell am I doing?" Jenner laughed.

Cayne later asked Jenner if she felt anything anywhere, and Jenner joked, "I can't say, we're on camera."

In the episode, Jenner's ex-wife, Kris Jenner, joined the crew in New Orleans, notes Us Weekly.

The former wife said her daughter, Kim Kardashian, had told her Jenner wanted to date a "guy."

In response, Jenner said, "If I went through like final surgery and all of that."

Sources: GossipCop, US Weekly / Photo credit: E!/YouTube

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