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White Creme Eggs Worth Thousands Go On Sale

White Creme Eggs Worth Thousands Go On Sale Promo Image

Cadbury's has released a white chocolate version of its famous Creme Egg to stores in the U.K.

Metro reported that there are an estimated 371 Creme Eggs in circulation, and anyone lucky enough to find one will leave the store a little richer.

The white Creme Eggs, which have the same packaging as the traditional versions, contain prizes. They range from around $135 to one grand prize of approximately $2,700. The contest will run across the U.K. until Easter Sunday, which is on April 1.

The Sun described the initiative as a Willy Wonka-style campaign.

Natasha Bream, from Luton, England, became the first winner in the contest on Jan. 10. She bought three Creme Eggs and the first one she opened was white.

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"I was a bit shocked," she said to the Sun, after finding out she had won about $1,350. "I couldn't quite believe it."

She added that she is still thinking about what to spend the winnings on, but would like to book a holiday. She has also decided not to eat the white egg yet.

"I didn't think it would happen to me," she added.

A total of 34 eggs worth around $1,350 will be available. In addition, 90 eggs worth approximately $270 and 246 eggs worth around $135 are also in stores.

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Many people have been enthused by the prospect of securing a cash prize, but criticism has also been voiced on social media.

"Can people stop unwrapping Cadbury Creme Eggs please?" wrote one Twitter user, Metro reported. "They are my [favorite] & I haven't found one yet this week that hasn't been unwrapped. You can check the ingredients for 'white chocolate', you don't need to open them."

Another Twitter user directed frustration at Tesco, a supermarket chain in the U.K.: "Wasn't impressed to find all your Creme Eggs had been rifled through, partially unwrapped & fingered - just to find a white Egg. #unhygienic and untrustworthy. #Flu."

One woman alleged to the Nottingham Post that she had witnessed a supermarket worker opening and resealing eggs: "[A]ll shop staff are doing it if you want to try to win buy the whole box from cash and carry."

Another woman noted that she sent an email to Cadbury's to complain after opening a box of Creme Eggs to find that they had all been resealed: "I will not let my children eat one now," the woman added. "I will not be buying any more."

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