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BYU Tries Fake Punt, Disaster Follows (Video)

Brigham Young University was on its own 5-yard line on fourth down in the second quarter of its game against Boise State on Oct. 20 (video below).

BYU had 19 yards to go for a first down, and decided to punt, except they didn't. Instead, BYU punter Jonny Linehan took the snap in his own end zone, and tried running it up field. He was stopped for a three-yard loss, notes ESPN.

"Oh my goodness!" one announcer can be heard saying in a video of the incident. "My word!"

Boise State was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play, pushing them back 15 yards and cutting BYU a break. Boise State later tried a field goal, but missed.

BYU coach Kalani Sitake told ESPN at halftime:

Well, on film we thought we had it. We wanted to be aggressive. We came to win the game and it just didn’t work out. They made a great adjustment -- something that we haven’t seen in prior games. But we wanted to be aggressive and it didn’t hurt us. Our defense had our backs.

Ultimately, fate sided with Boise State in a 28-27 victory, extending their winning streak to 7-0.

In more sports news, University of Washington basketball player Malik Dime is dominating the Pac-12 pop-a-shot tournament with his 7'5" wingspan, reports SB Nation.

The university posted a video (below) on Twitter of the 6'9" forward literally dropping balls in the basket.

Dime's last season with the Huskies resulted in a per-game average of 6.9 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocks.

His pop-a-shot technique may be suspect, according to the sports site, because he is leaning towards the basket with his super long arms.

Lastly, KABC recently spelled the name of Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez as "Adroam Gpmza;ez," FTVLive notes.

We're not the spelling police at Opposing Views, but that's not even close and KABC is a Los Angeles news station!

Sources: ESPN, SB NationFTVLive / Photo Credit: ESPN via YouTube

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