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Business Owner Leaves Money For Thief After Robbery

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In an unusual act of kindness, Pennsylvania man Luke Smith decided to leave extra cash for a thief after his store had been robbed twice.

“It was a deliberate change in my outlook, not to be angry about this,” Smith, a married father of four, told NBC 10 News.

Smith reportedly pinned a note to the inside of his Philadelphia shop door alongside a $20 bill. In the letter, Smith explained that he’s not a rich man and that he bought the shop to help the struggling community. The shop is located in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood.

He said he offered the $20 bill because he believes the thief must be desperate. In the letter, Smith also offers the future burglar a job.

“I hope you can find a way to make money and support yourself through less destructive means,” the note reads.

Smith said that everything of value was stolen in the latest robbery. He added that he believes the same thief came back the second time.

Smith has since installed surveillance cameras throughout his shop following both robberies.

The note ends with Smith explaining that he has many mouths to feed but that the thief clearly needs the money more than he does. Smith also apologized for not giving the thief more than $20.

Here is the letter in full:

Dear Fellow Human,

If you broke into my building a third time despite the cameras, you must really be desperate for money.

Since you've already stolen everything of value, pleas take this $20. I hope it helps you. And I hope you can find a way to make money and support yourself through less destructive means.

I've lived in Germantown my whole life and am committed to improving it. I want to hire locally and if you're looking for work you should drop by during the day sometime and offer your help. This building has been nothing but headaches and I could use a helping hand from my community.

I wish you luck and prosperity.



P.S. I'm not a rich man and have many mouths to feed, but you need this $20 more than I do. I'm sorry I can't afford more.

Sources: NBC 10 News, Detroit Newstime / Photo Credit: NBC 10 News, NBC 10 via Daily Mail

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