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Bus Driver Sees What Man Is Trying To Get On Bus, Immediately Closes The Door (Video)

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In New Jersey, a bus driver found themselves at the butt of a practical joke. While a comedian tried to take an ATM onto the public bus, the driver watched in awe. The incident was caught on video and showed New Jersey “sit-down” comedian Darius Kinney orchestrating a gag that has since transformed into a social media sensation on Twitter and Instagram after it was posted.

In the clip, watch as Kinney tries to haul a large ATM onto the bus in New Jersey. It is an elaborate prank to show just how easy it would have been to get the New Jersey public transit authority involved as the getaway vehicle in a robbery.


“It’s really just a joke,” Kinney told Newsweek after his clip became a sensation.

The video was filmed by Kinney’s friend. He narrates what is happening while you watch the comedian struggling to get the ATM onto the New Jersey bus.


Because Kinney knows that the bus driver will be skeptical about taking the ATM onto the public transit vehicle, he comes up with a suggestion right from the beginning.

“I’ll split it with you!”

The driver immediately answers: “No! No, no, no, no, no!”

The driver then tries to close the doors on the New Jersey comedian. Kinney is then heard shouting:

“We could have made money together!”


The video was a hit online. He captioned the clip with “Everybody wants to be rich but don’t nobody want to help you get it lol.”

Because the video became a viral sensation, Kinney got the attention he sought. He told Newsweek that it really was nothing more than an attempt to get people to laugh and enjoy a fun video while scrolling through their Twitter or Instagram feeds. He said:

“I’m a comedian. I do videos, so I pulled up at the barber shop, and I noticed the ATM right next to it. So, I grabbed the ATM and tried to get on the bus with it.”


Because the video was ludicrous, even New Jersey Transit wanted to get in with the fun. After the video went viral, they reposted the content and asked their customers to “Enter a caption here” along with a crying-laughing face emoji.

In an interview with Newsweek, the NJ Transit spokesperson said: “We asked our customers to caption the already posted video: We did not stage, post or film this video, so we have no context around it. We are interacting with and engaging our customers based on something already circulating on social media.”


Although the transit authority was trying to have a good time, the higher-ups in the organization ordered the post deleted. However, the post proved that New Jersey Transit has some level of humor, which riders and travelers can appreciate.

The video was just a silly attempt to make people laugh. Kinney is glad that it has been so well received in the days since he posted the content.

Take a minute to watch the humor.

What do you think about the practical joke?

Sources: Newsweek / Photo Credit: Post Image

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