Burger King Employees Smash Windows After Prank Call


A prank call led employees at a Shawnee, Oklahoma, Burger King to break the windows of the restaurant.

The call was made by someone claiming to be from the fire department, KFOR reports.

“The employee stated that a person called them and told them there were high levels of carbon monoxide in their building, and they needed to break out all their windows,” said Thomas Larman of the Shawnee Fire Department.

The call made employees panic and they used chairs to shatter the windows.

Firefighters responded to the scene and found no signs of carbon monoxide.

“It is a little upsetting that they would try to give the fire department a black eye,” Larman said. “We would never do anything like that. We’re here to serve the public, protect the public.”

About $10,000 in damage was done and the inside seating area is now closed until repairs are completed. The drive-thru remains open.

“For a prank, this is very bizarre. I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Larman said.

The same prank was played at a Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Burger King this week.

The caller claimed to be with the fire department and said there was a gas leak in the building and that if the windows were not smashed the gas would build up and cause an explosion, the Star Tribune reports.

The manager and employees evacuated the restaurant and smashed every ground floor window.

“The manager was frantic and actually believed the building was going to blow,” Coon Rapids Police Sgt. Rick Boone said.

The prank has also occurred at a Burger King in Morro Bay, California.

Fire departments are issuing warnings to restaurant owners about the prank.

“We would never call you and say you have high levels of carbon monoxide in your building. We would never tell you to destroy your property,” Larman said, according to KFOR.

Sources: KFOR, Star Tribune / Photo credit: KFOR

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