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Burger King Employee Caught Dumping Used Oil Down Storm Drain (Video)

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A Florida Burger King employee was filmed by an angry customer apparently pouring used oil down a storm drain outside of the restaurant (video below).

“Gentleman right here told by his manager at Burger King to dump his oil in the sewer,” the customer angrily explained as he filmed the employee allegedly dumping oil into the drain near the restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida.

“Is it all drained? All that nasty frying oil? Look at that! It’s smoking, do you see that?” the man said incredulously. “All that went into the sewer. Going right back into the ocean.”

The man then followed the employee as he made his way back into the restaurant, informing him he intended to speak to the manager.

“Dumping oil into a storm drain!” the man yelled at the silent employee as he walked back to the Burger King. “It can’t get any worse than that.”

“I suspect the Burger King employee has no idea what he's doing. The guy should have informed him then started filming if the guy just didn't care or wasn't smart enough to know what he was doing,” viewer Ballabrad wrote on Reddit.

“I wish this was the worst thing people in fastfood (sic) did, honestly,” Redditor Justarams added.

Watch video of the incident below.

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Sources: Reddit, LiveLeak

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via LiveLeak


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