Bully Gets A Surprise When His Victim Fights Back (Video)


A victim of bullying got sweet revenge on his tormentor when he was terrorized for his backpack – and it was all caught on camera (video below).

The clip is believed to be filmed in Indonesia and shows a teenage boy wearing an orange backpack being shadowed by a group of fellow teens.

Two students appear in the footage pointing at and mocking the boy's bag and one advances to the boy to grab him, punching him in the face several times

However, the victim stands up for himself by latching onto the bully, and they struggle to the ground.

A large group gathers to watch the fight, and some try to separate the two, before creating a circle, encouraging the quarrel. 

While the orange backpack is taken up by a nearby student, the two teens fling themselves at each other, punching and grabbing.

The bully falls to the ground and the victim gets the last laugh by kicking him in the face, leaving him unconscious. 

The cheering and yelling group of boys hurry over the fallen teen to see if he’s alright, before the clip is lost in a sea of students.

The clip has now gone viral and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, according to Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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