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Bully Picks On Teen Girl, Pays The Price (Video)

A bully was caught on video (below) pouring water on a teen girl’s head, and getting a major dose of instant karma in return. 

In the video, a girl is seen talking to two others at what appears to be a football game. The two girls taunt the teen, who can be heard saying “I don’t know you,” before being told to “walk the f**k away.”

One of the two apparent bullies then takes out a water bottle and pours it over the girl’s head, prompting her to become irritated. She grabs the girl’s leg and pulls her from the bleachers where she was standing, causing her to crash into a fence. 

The girl and the bully begin to fight as students gather around to watch, and several students are seen attempting to intervene as the short clip ends. 

The video quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views and response from many who applauded the girl for standing up for herself.

“F**king popular kids in a nutshell,” one viewer wrote. “Feel bad for the girl that got water poured on her.”

Do you think the girl was right to react the way she did to having water poured on her? Watch the intense incident below.

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube / Photo credit:


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