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Bully Jumps Blind Teen, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma (Video)

A school bully got more than he bargained for after an attempt to jump a blind teen left him bloodied and beaten himself (video below).

In the clip, which has quickly gone viral, the bully, wearing a wool beanie, can be seen punching and pushing a teen while the teen tries to get him to stop.

Just when it looks like the bully is about to pummel the other teen, another student comes up behind him and knocks him to the ground.

As the bully lays on the ground in pain, the savior grabs the blind teen, pulls him out of the way, and runs back to confront the bully as he lays on the ground.

“You little b----,” the student says. “You’re trying to f------ jump a blind kid, bro?”

The bully doesn’t get off the ground for a couple of minutes while his friends try to defend him, but the Good Samaritan isn’t having it as he continues to berate the bully for trying to hurt an innocent blind teen.

Take a look at instant karma in action in the viral clip below.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: BroBible, Reddit, LiveLeak / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot


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