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Bully Gets What He Asked For (Video)

A viral video captured the moment a bully got what he asked for, quite literally (video below).

The cellphone footage shows a bully wearing a Tapout shirt and abusing another teen, shoving him and telling him to "punch my motherf***ing mouth."

After becoming fed up with the abuse and hearing the bully ask to be punched in the mouth several times, the bullied teen decides he has had enough and chooses to fulfill the bully's request.

With one swift punch to the mouth, the bully is completely knocked out, collapsing onto the floor.

"Oh my God," a young woman behind the camera says.

"I told you what was gonna happen, dude," the teen says after knocking out the bully.

Reddit users wasted no time making jokes about the bully after the video was shared on the site.

One user, ablitz56, called Tapout "the international logo that allows people to know you really can't fight."

"Seen it a dozen times before but just never gets old," another user wrote. "Wearing a Tapout shirt should get you punched in the face regardless."

Sources: YouTubeReddit / Photo credit: DraculinoTeamTx/YouTube

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