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Bullied Autistic Teen Invited To Play Pokemon Go (Photos)

A group of Arizona residents came together to play Pokemon Go with an autistic teen who was bullied while playing the game with his family.

Fifteen-year-old Ty and his mother Angie Swartout were playing Pokemon Go at Tempe Beach Park in July when they were approached by two college-aged men, KNXV reported.

Ty’s sister wrote about the incident on the Arizona Pokemon Go Community Facebook page. She said the two men squirted barbecue sauce on Ty and said, "Yes, we got the r-word."

The post quickly went viral, with hundreds of people offering their support to Ty and his family. Members from the Facebook group even invited Ty to play Pokemon Go with them at Tempe Beach Park the following weekend.

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Angie was overwhelmed with the response.

"I'm so grateful,” Ty's mother told KNXV. “I'm just so grateful because if this wouldn't have happened, we would still be hiding in our house like a lot of families like ours do. And I just can't thank everyone enough.”

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The group members also bought gifts for Ty. His mother said their kindness inspired her to raise awareness about autism in her community.

Sources: KNXVPokemon Go Community/Facebook / Photo credit: Raquel Cervantes via Twitter

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