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Bullied Teen Touches Hearts Worldwide (Photos)

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A bullied teenager's texts to her mother have touched the hearts of many worldwide, causing droves of internet users to speak out against bullying.

A high school student, known only as Bailey, quickly texted her mother for a pair of jeans and shirt after people mocked the dress she was wearing, reports the Daily Mail.

"People are making fun of me and taking pictures of me and I wanna change," she told her mother.

However, before her mother could arrive with the new outfit, the damage was already done.

A student named Dylan posted a Snapchat photo of Bailey's legs, calling her "Thicc."

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Yet rather than the image provoking further bullying, something else entirely happened: the photo did indeed go viral, but in support of Bailey.

"While We Are Doing FillUpFNB Let's Also Put An End To Bullying Retweet For Awareness," tweeted one person, who also posted the Snapchat picture of Bailey.

Before long, thousands were expressing their support for the teenager and outrage over what many saw as body shaming.

"Body shaming and bullying are the worst, I can't," tweeted one person. "Probably the girl you just called fat the last time she had a proper meal was weeks ago."

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"We need to unlearn about the notions of body weight," chimed in another. "She might be suffering from a condition, but they don’t know that. People need to grow up."

Others also praised Bailey's mother.

"As a mom I just loved how her mom responded," one person wrote. "The world is filled [with] all kind of humans. And the kind that do this...really need to be dealt with. Her text broke my heart."

At the same time the story sparked debate on how to tackle bullying.

"This is why we should keep our children off social media," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "It achieves nothing for them other than providing a platform to say things they typically wouldn't say to another person's face, so it opens doors to become a cyber bully or to be cyber bullied, plus it enhances the awkwardness and pressures of being an adolescent, but instead of it being contained, it's everywhere since social media invades their lives at every moment."

Another thought it would have been better if the mother hadn't intervened.

"I was bullied to no end, until I popped one in the kisser, then on another occasion took on 3-4 of his friends," one user wrote. "What a pounding I took! But I gave back just as good, and was not bothered again - bullies don't like fighters, they love wimps. She was harassed; no big deal until called mom for a change of clothes. When she appears before her bullies in a change of clothes, it's only going to get worse."

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