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Watch: Adorable Bulldog Left Alone In SUV Knows How To Get Attention (Video)

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A California man was so annoyed by the inconsiderate person honking their car horn for several minutes outside of his office building that he went outside to investigate. What he found, however, was much more amusing than he expected.

Eureka resident Ryan Burns ran out of his building on Monday to confront whom he thought was somebody honking their car horn for no good reason. As he made his way to the noisy SUV, he realized that the culprit was actually a bulldog that had been kept inside the vehicle.

"I went down there thinking I'm going to mean mug the guy doing this," Burns said. "When I saw the dog I immediately thought this was hilarious."

The dog can be seen in a video posted online leaning against the steering wheel, as if to say it was tired of being by itself in the SUV and wanted to be let out. According to commenters who know the owner, the dog had only been in the car for 10 minutes and was not in any physical danger.

After taking a video of the amusing scene, Burns motioned to the dog to let off the horn. The dog immediately backed off and stared at Burns.

Watch the hilarious incident below.

Sources: NY Daily News, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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