Aroused Bull Tackles And Mounts Female Bullfighter (Video)

A video (below) of a bullfight in Spain that went awry has emerged online. The disturbing clip reveals the moment a bull mounts a female dwarf bullfighter in the middle of a ring. 

Violent and unwilling to cooperate, the animal  in the video knocks the woman to the ground pinning her down, the Daily Mail reports.   

When the fight begins, the young woman waves a brown cape close to the animal's head and is able to hold her own for a while, the Mirror reports.  

The bullfighter waves the cape several times at the bull, stamping her feet as she does so, but seems unable to get a reaction out of the animal.

Suddenly, the bull lunges at the cape and swerves quickly, tripping her up. The bull knocks the woman to the floor and immediately places its whole body on top of her.

The woman is pinned under the bull's weight, and is unable to move as the huge animal begins thrusting, visibly aroused.

Cries of horror can be heard from the crowd, as two onlookers immediately rush in to help the bullfighter. 

One of them drags the bull away by its horns while the second helps the woman stand up. 

It is unknown whether the woman suffered injuries during the incident.  

The video was recorded in Spain on Dec. 17, but details on the exact time and location have not been released.

It had been viewed more than 63,000 times in 19 hours.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: OrcaTec/Pixabay / Video credit: YouTube

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