Builder Finds 23-Year-Old Can Of Coca Cola While Redeveloping House


A 27-year-old builder in Cheltenham, England, recently came across a 23-year-old can of coke under the floorboards of the old Georgian property he was redeveloping.

His immediate response was to open it up and drink it, according to Metro.

“It wasn’t fizzy, but it didn’t taste too bad and didn’t make me feel ill,” commented Will Unwin, 27, who previously ran a building business in London.

This house had even more surprises from history for Unwin to discover.

Behind one of the walls, he discovered the front page of a newspaper from the day after the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. It had been used by previous developers for lining.

“It was a weird thing to find. Of all the ground breaking events that have shaped history, this one was used to line a wall,” Unwin said.

Since the page has remained hidden for over 50 years, Unwin has decided to frame it and hang it in the house when his work is complete.

“Not only is this an amazing snippet of history, but it has also allowed me to pinpoint the exact date renovations have been made to the building,” he added.

It was not clear from the report if the owners of the home were aware of what was concealed behind the walls of the property for so long.

This was the first property Unwin had worked on since his move from London.

Sources: Metro, News RT

Photo Credit:, Jeremy Segrott/Flickr


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