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Buffalo Bills Fans Block Traffic With Bare Butts After Loss To Eagles (Video)

Two unidentified Buffalo Bills fans dropped their pants and blocked traffic with their bare butts on Dec. 13 (video below).

Deadspin notes that the incident happened in Philadelphia, where the Bills were playing the Eagles.

In the video, originally posted on Twitter by Brian Peruzzi, a voice is heard inside a bus saying: "Keep it classy there, Buffalo ... If you run these people over, I'm fine with that. Try not to hit the guy with no a--. Look, he doesn't even have an a--. He poops out of a hole in the bottom of his back."

The cause of the mooning might have been the Eagles' victory over the Bills at 23-20, reports Campus Sports.

WARNING: This video has not been censored. 

Sources: Deadspin, brian petruzzi/Twitter, Campus Sports / Photo credit: brian petruzzi/Twitter

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