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Bubba Watson, Caddy Argue With Heckler (Video)

Pro golfer Bubba Watson and his caddy Ted Scott got into a verbal exchange with a heckler over the weekend during the PGA Championship at the Baltusrol Country Club in Springfield, New Jersey (video below).

Watson was on the 12th hole when the incident happened, notes

After Watson teed off, someone yelled, "That's really weak!"

"Who said that?" Watson asked.

"Hey Buddy, right here," Ted Scott, Watson's caddy, said as he pointed out the heckler.

"Why ya'll scared to say it now?" Watson fired back at the heckler.

Scott told the heckler: "Go back and watch in your grandma’s basement. You’re better there. Tweet about it."

Watson came in tied for 60th place in the championship.

Another bizarre TV incident is causing a black reporter to leave Iowa.

Emmy Victor, who worked as a reporter for KCCI, recently told The Des Moines Register that she was leaving and added, "[R]acism in the state did not help my decision to stay."

Victor was repeatedly called the N-word by an unidentified woman while trying to do a report on June 28 in Boone, Iowa; there were other racist incidents that happened in rural areas of the state, as well.

"Racism isn't really something I experienced when I grew up on the East Coast," Victor added. "It was something I had to get used to."

Victor recalled the Boone incident: "One of the reasons I was so calm was because I had experienced racism before."

After the incident went viral, Victor said that she got support from journalists and viewers who were shocked that racism was still happening in Iowa, a state often associated with traditional Christian family values.

"I am glad that I maybe brought that to light," Victor told the newspaper. "There are still pockets of racism across the nation, even here in Iowa."

Victor said that the major factor in moving out of Iowa was to be closer to friends and family, but it's not clear where she's going.

Sources:, The Des Moines Register / Photo credit: TNT via YouTube

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