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Boy Sends Break-Up Text, Asks Ex For Friend's Number

One 14-year-old British boy's break-up texts to his girlfriend have gone viral after he revealed he was attracted to her friend.

Fashion student Annie Williams, 19, shared screenshots of the conversation between her brother, Liam, and his girlfriend, Loz, on Twitter on April 30 with the caption, “my little brother's texts to his (now) ex.”

Loz initially asked Liam, “Why was you speaking to Jess today? xxxxxxx.”

At first, Liam seems to be defending his actions by merely replying, “because she is my mate xx.”

Yet the answer doesn’t satisfy Loz, who continues to probe further.

“Do you fancy her more than me? xxxxxxxx,” she asks.

That’s when the texts go from mundane to shockingly brutal -- and fast.

“She’s fit like xxx,” Liam writes, before adding, “Dunno [can’t be bothered] with a relationship though xx.”

“Do you not want to be with me anymore? Xxxxxxxxx,” the girlfriend asks anxiously.

All Liam says in response is, “Nah not really sorry xx.”

“Really Liam why didn’t you say this before? Xxxxxxx,” is all Loz says in reply, before later adding, “It’s fine I’ll be ok xxxxxxx.”

Liam explains he simply couldn’t be bothered to tell her previously and then quickly adds at the end of the text conversation, “Have you got Jess [the friend’s] number?"

The texts have since caught international attention, receiving more than 9,000 retweets and 13,000 likes in five days.

Many found the texts amusing.

“He's not old enough for taking relationships seriously anyway. This is hilarious,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Comforting from the land of Shakespeare, that we have such literary talents emerging,” another individual jokingly wrote on the Daily Mail’s comments section.

Some seemed more upset than entertained.

“Gonna grow up to be a loser just like most of the kids these days, only worrying about girlfriends and boyfriends and always have multiple. When I was in school, kids actually were pretty much faithful,” one user posted on the Daily Mail.

Sources: Annie Williams/Twitter, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Annie Williams/Twitter 

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