Brooklyn Couple Having The Loudest Sex In The City According To 311 Data

A Brooklyn couple is being recognized for having the loudest sex in New York City, based on an impressive number of complaints registered by 311.

Data compiled by DNAinfo in 2014 was used to track down the couple in Bay Ridge, which racked up six complaints from neighbors reporting the passionate bedroom activities.

“Neighbors are having very loud sex with the windows open that can be heard throughout the whole bldg.,” a complaint from November stated.

“I’m not a prude but there are kids in the building, and it was just a ridiculously loud amount of noise being made that the first time another woman yelled out her window, ‘Shut your f***** windows you whore!’” the anonymous complainant told DNAinfo.

The couple moved into the apartment some time in October, PIX11 reported.

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A camera crew visited the building to congratulate the dynamic duo on their amazing accomplishment, but the woman wouldn’t speak and the man ran away from the cameras.

PIX11 spoke with another neighbor who knows of the couple.

“I haven't heard them having sex,” neighbor Peter Rivera said. “I know him. Good for him.”

The Bay Ridge lovers do have some competition coming from a single resident in Sunset Park.

A complaint filed at 8:10 a.m. on June 10 stated: “My neighbor is making too much noise, she has a ‘sex machine’ and then she starts screaming ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ for extended periods of time, they are perverts who constantly bring more individuals to perform more extreme sexual activities.”

DNAinfo data shows that Brooklyn is the New York borough having the loudest sex in the city with 42 noise complaints. Queens is a close second with 37, 31 complaints were filed in the Bronx and 23 in Manhattan. Meanwhile, Staten Island had 0 complaints.

Sources: PIX11, DNAinfo / Photo Credit: Screenshot from PIX11

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