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Man Gets Caught Sleeping With Wife's Twin Sister In Las Vegas

A British man took to social media to share the moment he was caught by his wife having sex with her identical twin sister in a hotel room.

The man, known only as Not Thesis on Reddit, admitted that his wife accidentally walked in on him having sex with her twin sister, reports WorldWide Weird News.

The incident occurred in Las Vegas, where the man, his wife and sister-in-law went for a vacation. He claimed he had no interest in the sister, identified only as Jody, and only has eyes for his wife Rachel.

He and his wife had returned drunk to their hotel room, leaving Jody talking with a man at a bar, he wrote on Reddit. When he woke up, he began cuddling with the woman next to him, and that’s when things began to unfold.

According to the Plymouth Herald, he said: “We cuddle and I start to fondle her [breasts]. I notice they were quite firm and almost balloon like. In my drunken state, I immediately froze. I realised I just [had sex with] my wifes sister. About a few seconds later the lights turn on and my wife witnesses both myself and Jody naked. She’s screaming at the at the both of us. My wife starts to cry and runs out the room.”

Not Thesis added that his wife had filed for divorce and they are no longer together.

Sources: WorldWide Weird NewsPlymouth Herald, Not Thesis/Reddit

Photo Credit: Bryan BrennemanCourtney Carmody/Flickr Creative Commons


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